For beginners or experienced marksmen our ultimate outdoor shooting experience provides a comprehensive, fun and challenging introduction to the art of shooting.

Starting with some clay pigeon shooting and moving on to hand guns and finishing with some high powered assault and hunting rifles.

Because we believe in giving new shooters the highest level of instruction we will have at least two experienced marksmen/women on hand to guide you through every shot to build up your shooting skills.

Clay pigeon shooting
  • Clay pigeon shooting 30 cartridges
Practical shooting
  • 5 shots .22 Rifle
  • 5 shots 9 mm CZ 999 Pistol
  • 5 shots Magnum 357
  • 5 shots M 48 Rifle
  • 5 shots Pump Action Shot gun
  • 5 shots AK-47 assault Rifle
Price includes:
  • English speaking guide

  • Shooting instructors

  • Safety briefing

  • Bullets, cartridges and clay pigeons

  • Usage of weapons

  • Ear protection (3M ear plugs)

You can choose either Clay Pigeon shooting or practical shooting but why not take both and have the ultimate outdoor shooting experience, at the same place and the same time.

Please allow 4 hours for this activity.

Minimum 8 persons. No alcohol permitted before and during this activity!