Belgrade Adult Boat Cruise

Sit down, grab a beer – it’s time for a ride aboard the Belgrade dreamboat. Accompanied by your guide you’ll jump aboard a supremely seaworthy pleasure vessel and take a cruise up the majestic Danube/Sava Rivers that is the heartbeat of this stunning city. There will be a well-stocked bar for you to get warmed up before heading topside to take in some of the best night clubs in the world and get a brief summary of all the sites along the river from the guide.

Adult Boat Cruise Adult Boat Cruise Adult Boat Cruise Belgrade Adult Boat Cruise
Sound good? The best is yet to come! Once you’re settled your generous captain will introduce you to one or two unbelievably hot Serbian sexpots who’ll strip, dance for you. Later you’ll be sitting there, eyes glazed over, dribbling on your lap with the image of the enthusiastically intertwined beauties burnt into your retinas for life. Very happy days.

The perfect start before your night on the razzle, this cruise along a beautiful river in the evening sun with a healthy dose of beer and boobs is just what the stag doctor ordered.

What's included:
  • One and a half hours boat cruise along Danube/Sava Rivers

  • Tour guide

  • On board bar

  • Stripper show

What you need to know
  • May until September

  • Transport to the dock not included. The boat leaves from city center so it will only be a walk or a short taxi ride from your hotel

  • Minimum 10 people

Limo Airport transfer

Spoil yourself with a Limo and stripper airport transfer, a perfect way to start your stag party, complimentary bottle of champagne. Limo Airport transfer

Maximum 8 people.