Skydiving is that rare kind of experience which gives us the immeasurable freedom we all dream of. Go sky diving in Belgrade and your craziest dream will come true as the unique excitement and adrenaline rushes through your veins and will make you feel like you were born again.

A perfect introduction to individual skydiving is a tandem parachute jump with a professional instructor which will enable you to feel the ultimate thrill of free fall without any previous experience.

In order to make you completely ready for the jump all the necessary preparations will carefully be done before the flight and once you have boarded the aircraft you will be given a short briefing on how to exit the plane, control free fall and land while safely attached to your instructor. A really important thing to know is that the equipment used for the jump comprises of the main parachute, the reserve parachute plus an additional back-up security measure in the form of the so- called AAD (Automatic Activation Device) which automatically deploys the main or reserve parachute if the descent rate is assessed to be exceeding the allowed speed.

After the incredible 40 seconds of free fall the instructor deploys the parachute at the altitude of 1500 m, and you get to enjoy 5 minutes of a fantastic parachute ride. The landing takes place in the same area you took off from. The private airfield is a 20 minute drive from the center of Belgrade.

Duration 1 Hour. Minimum 2 people.

Package includes:
  • English speaking guide

  • Shooting instructors

  • Safety briefing

  • Bullets, cartridges and clay pigeons

  • Usage of weapons

  • Ear protection (3M ear plugs)

In Action