Paintball is a very popular pastime that is normally played in a natural environment, it is a sport in which everyone is equal, regardless of race, membership in the society or gender.

It strengthens the spirit and character of the players, building their confidence and developing one’s own initiative, teaches them teamwork. For the key to success in the game is intelligence and teamwork, Power is not important, only good tactics, determination, speed and dexterity.

Recreational paintball is extremely good for team-building programs, it encourages teamwork and develops the competitive spirit, putting them all in the same position regardless of the position in the company.

Choose how you play our paintball games – with your mates in a tactical squad or recklessly charging forward spraying paint everywhere (though you’ll probably get splatted pretty fast!) You can even take it slow and fill the role of sniper, picking off stray enemies that are too careless with cover – our fantastic woodland set ups mean you can play paintball how you want and still be victorious.

We make sure that all our paintball games run smoothly and provide high quality safety gear and paintball weapons too. You’ll be fully kitted out with a full face mask, camouflage suit and battle pack, and of course one of our high spec semi-automatic paintball guns – one of the most reliable and efficient guns available.

Paintball’s most fun with friends so bring your mates, your sports club or your office group from work and find out what real team building feels like – when you’ve got someone shooting at you, you need to know you can rely on your teammates for backup.

Belgrade has summer and winter paintballing venues, the summer venue is 3 acres of woodland with plenty of old cars and out buildings that can be used to hide or ambush your opponents. The winter venue has been constructed in a vast old warehouse.

Package Includes:
  • All safety Equipment

  • 200 or 300 paintballs

  • All paintball guns

  • English Speaking Guide

Both Paintball venues are a short 15 minute drive from Belgrade city Centre.

  • Duration: 1 or 2 Hours
  • Minimum 8 people